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In 1933 the Hawker’s chief  engineer, Sydney Camm, decided to design an aircraft which would fulfill an Air Ministry specification for a new monoplane fighter.The first flight of the prototype (K 5083) occurred on 6 November 1935 from Hawker’s establishment at historic Brooklands motor racing circuit.Sydney Camm design team had long experience of fighter design (Hawker Fury biplane, Hawker Nimrod,etc)
and this experience produced what was defined a “monoplane Fury”.The traditional Hawker’s tubular metal structure and fabric covering method of construction were combined with an enclosed cockpit and hydraulic retractable undercarriage and flaps.His prototype,powered by a 990 hp Rolls Royce Merlin”C”

engine quickly surpassed expectations and performance estimates. At weight of 5.672 lb the prototype demonstrated a speed of 315 mph at the altitude of 16200 ft.After official trials(June 1936) Hawker received an initial order for 600 aircraft;to power the new fighter the Royal Air Force ordered the new 1.030 hp Merlin II engine.
In January 1939 the Merlin II gave way to the Merlin III equipped with a three blade constant speed propeller (Mark I configuration) with the addition of metal stressed-skin covered instead of fabric and a bullett-proof windscreen was added.Thefirst production Hurricane flew on 12 October 1937, and was delivered to the 111 Squadron at Raf  Northolt two months later.By the 27 September 1939,Hawker had delivered 497 Hurricanes against the initial order of 3.500 aircraft,to equip 18 fighter group.During late 1939 and early 1940 , Hawker constructed 1924 aicraft and also Gloster took on costruction built 1850.Hurricanes were constructed overseas by Canadian Car and Foundry Works  for a total of 1450 machines in different versions.August 1940 was the Hurricane’s shining
moment history;during the Battle of Britain The Hurricanes squadrons accounted for more enemy aircraft shot down than others defences combined.Later the Hurricane served admirably in North Africa , Malta, Sicily Burma and nearly every war theater in which the Royal Air Force participated.The Hawker Hurricane was one of the greatest and most versatile fighter of  WWII and remained in service until January 1947


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